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This Edition: A Pandemic Game, Zoom Concerns, Employee Onboarding, And More

  • No Single Player Can Win This Board Game. It’s Called Pandemic. – Given the conditions we now find ourselves in, it’s no surprise that a game named Pandemic is popular. I’ve seen social media posts where people worry that playing it, or watching a disaster movie like “Contagion,” is morbid and perhaps socially unacceptable. To us, such activity is a natural way to cope with our new reality.
  • Two Zoom Zero-Day Flaws Uncovered – Two zero-day flaws have been uncovered in Zoom’s macOS client version, according to researchers. The web conferencing platform vulnerabilities could give local, unprivileged attackers root privileges, and allow them to access victims’ microphone and camera.
  • 3 Ways the ARC Reach App Can Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process – The introduction of mobile learning has transformed the way many companies onboard new employees, allowing them to offer their mandatory training in the most convenient and accessible way possible.
  • Working From Home? Here Are 8 Ways to Boost Your Internet Speed – As more people work from home to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, they’re using their home internet networks for activities usually reserved for the workplace. Here are 8 ways to get an internet speed boost.
  • How Non-English Speakers Are Taught This Crazy English Grammar Rule You Know but Have Never Heard Of – Some of the most binding rules in English are things that native speakers know but don’t know they know, even though they use them every day. When someone points one out, it’s like a magical little shock.

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