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Insights From The eLearning Frontier

This Edition: Brain Hacking, A Video Game Pioneer, Gamified Learning, & More



  • Does My Learning App Have to Be Gamified? – When it comes to mobile apps for learning, there is a range of options available. Many incorporate elements of gamification in order to make the learning process more captivating. At the same time other learning platforms, like traditional learning management systems (LMS), keep things simple and straightforward, without as much game-based learning.


  • Are Human-Sized Hamster Balls The Future Of VR? – Three large wheels located at the base of the NOVA lets you steer the ball in any direction, while an industrial strength seatbelt keeps you locked tightly and safely in the cockpit as you aggressively turn, hit sharp banks, nose dive, or whatever movement the experience might be. You have full unlimited motion.


With this acute and rapid shift to virtual learning going on, we want to show you Reach, our mobile-first learning app, with a serious games engine to motivate learners. To see for yourself the power of the Reach platform, schedule a free demo with us.