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Insights From The eLearning Frontier

This Edition: The Most Powerful Learning Tool, Employees Playing Games, & More


  • Pick a Card and Be Transported: 7 Board Games From Around the World – Like good books, travel-themed board games take your eyes off your screen and your mind far away. They’re about more than winning. They’re departure points, capturing a bit of the beauty, history and spirit of the places in which they’re set, provoking questions and talk of future trips.



  • Improve Your Critical Thinking With This Cheatsheet – The next time you need to think critically about something—whether you’re considering a new idea, weighing the pros and cons of a potential decision, or evaluating whether you can trust a particular news source—it’s worth asking yourself a few simple questions.


  • What employment will look like in 2030 – The report’s findings include the fact that 19 per cent of Canadian workers are in occupations that are projected to grow, 15 per cent are projected to decline and 66 per cent are projected to remain stable.

With this acute and rapid shift to virtual learning going on, we want to show you Reach, our mobile-first learning app, with a serious games engine to motivate learners. To see for yourself the power of the Reach platform, schedule a free demo with us.