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Insights From The eLearning Frontier

This Edition: Minecraft Education, Challenges With Traditional Training, 15 Job Skills, & More

  • Minecraft Education is perfectly suited for this surreal back-to-school moment – When the pandemic hit this spring, a lot of teachers turned to Minecraft during their mad scramble for tools that could make remote learning work. Earlier this year, Microsoft added an “education” section to the Minecraft marketplace, and since March, 63 million pieces of content have been downloaded.
  • A Learning Experience Isn’t Just The Content – “In some ways, content is a problem that’s easy to solve,” said David Perring on the Learning Hack Podcast, “that’s why we spend so much time trying to solve it.” And he is joined by any number of learning’s most prominent thought leaders in decrying the tendency to “throw content at people” rather than focusing on what Perring sees as the more complex challenges in learning.
  • The Challenges of Traditional Training (And How Reach Can Help) – Organizations and businesses from every niche face challenges when it comes to equipping their staff members with the knowledge and comprehension required to excel in their positions. In this article, we will be breaking down the obstacles associated with traditional training, and highlighting the various ways Reach can help your business overcome them.
  • 15 skills LinkedIn say will help you get hired in 2020 – and where to learn them – It can be difficult to discern which skills companies are prioritizing, and what makes your resume — but not another — stand out to recruiters. This year, LinkedIn used data from 660+ million professionals in its network and 20+ million job listings to determine the hard and soft skills that are most in-demand (and most likely to get a candidate hired) in 2020.
  • The Origins of 12 Silly-Sounding Compound Words – Some compound words make perfect sense. Bedbugs? They’re bugs that live on your bed (among other places). Railroad? It’s a road constructed from rails. Waterfall? It’s where the water … falls. The list goes on: afternoon, earthquake, popcorn, graveyard, airport—all of these words just work.

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